Dawnia Darkstone
aka Letsglitchit
Dawnia Darkstone, AKA Letsglitchit (she/they) has been at the forefront of brute force, non-coding based glitch art for close to 10 years. She is co-administrator and curator of Glitch Artists Collective and affiliated groups on Facebook and has been exhibited in London, Paris, Zagreb, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Tokyo, and her novel work with sonification has been featured in Vice Magazine. She has garnered a certain amount of esteem in the glitch art community for her early pioneering work of digital glitch techniques and sharing tutorials/notes on her tumblr.
 She has since made a name for herself in Web3, being curated onto platforms like SuperRare, Makersplace, and KnownOrigin. Her SuperRare Genesis, Liquid Codex, was exhibited at the SuperRare gallery in Soho, curated onto billboards in Times Square/Tokyo, and curated into shows at Koko London and Miami Art Basel. It has since been collected by
As of 2023 she has extended her curatorial skills into Web3, being asked to co-curate the Glitch: Beyond Binary show for Sotheby's (her work was also curated into this show) as well as the glitch art show at NFT Rome for SuperChiefNFT.